The Changing User Interface — This is a project about the future
It compiles research about the past, present and future of communication with computers in a leaflet-poster and website. Human progress grows exponentially, so technical developments are changing in a vast speed. There are mindblowing prognoses about controlling machines by exclusively talking to them and further about technology coming closer and closer until they merge with humans. This project aims to give a solid base for what is important to know about computer interaction. A qualitively produced printed matter is an accessible way to create awareness, interest and appreciation for the importance of future topics. Since the developments in this field are changing vastly tough, there is a second layer needed to provide complete and acutal information. Therefore the leaflet refers to the project website. It's a platform where all used parts of the texts are listed with a link to the source. New articles marked with a + can be found there, too. (self-initiated project in context of studies at HTWG Konstanz under guidance of Prof. Jo Wickert)