Zwischen heute und morgen liegt ja noch ne Nacht
(There is still one night between today and tomorrow) — This is a book about a night on the road.

Result of a workshop by Lars Harmsen on the topic of »Into the night«.
Project together with Anne Lucia Kiefer.

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Monday Morning. Lars Harmsen introduces the workshop by saying: Between today and tomorrow there is still one night. We think: Okay. Challenge. How exciting can this Monday night be? So we take the car. Destination the next big city. Stuttgart. Maybe. Two analog cameras. Black and white films. We will develop them the next morning. Let’s see what happens. And go.

We are driving. The night is long. There are moments of thrilling encounters and harassing blink of eyes. Sometimes there happens a lot and sometimes there happens nothing. We are happy. We are sad. We regret. We are glad. We are tired, but go further. We go home.

We reflect.

And understand it’s not about what exactly took place that night. Rather it’s about the situation itself. Because we announced it as a special night, it was a special night. Feeling yourself while feeling yourself. Real time reflecting. For us this experiment has potential. Will be continued. Will be extended. Might fail. And will start again.