fotobus - This is the design of the visual identety for the »fotobus society«.

The »fotobus« is a cultural and social offer for all students of photography. It is a project that connects above all - through joint trips and excursions with a medium-sized coach to regional and international photo festivals and workshops. The non-profit association was initiated by the renowned photojournalist Christoph Bangert, who also drives the bus himself. Where the bus stands, the supporting programme of screenings, lectures and discussions with the photographers has meanwhile created a meeting place for the entire photography scene.

The visual appearance of the association consists of the typeface »Moderat« by tightype and its special characters, a colour palette with dark navy blue as the main colour and traced lines of the bus's route to the points of the compass.


Poster for the first anniversary

Foldable poster, functioning as an info brochure, designed together with Lea Szramek

T-Shirts in vintage white with backprint

Sticker and stamp of the mobile library

Christmas postcard for sending it to all friends and supporters

This visual appearance is the output of a lot of enthusiastic members of the »fotobus society« working on it. Special thanks to Anna Roters, Lea Szramek and Hannah Uszball! :)