P und G Katazin — This is a magazine on the topic »change of perspective«

Project realized together with Annina Schepping and Caroline Weigele. A collection of texts and artworks sent to us by friends and people we admire. Producing this semesters graduation catalog, we decided to take the opportunity and created an additional magazine
Text by Lisa Meyer, artwork by Francesco Futterer. Text by David Häußer (Form), artwork by Ninthe Kiemeneij (nepanto). Text by Gina Bucher (part of rokfor.ch). Text and artwork by Paul Bille. Text by Linus Riemann, artwork by studio Atolón de Mororoa. Text by Joey Goebel. Text by Mareike Zopfs, artwork by Steffen Hotel. Text by Mareike Zopfs, artwork by Sagara Hirsch, photography by Nicolas Rotta. Photography by Nicolas Rotta. Text by Marc-Julien Heinsch, artwork by Miri Lee. Text by Mirijam Auen, artwork by Sebastian Schmitt. Text by Ernst Peter Fischer, artwork by Frederik Sutter. Text and artwork by Manus Nijhoff. Artwork on the left by Studio So, artwork on the right by Oh No Oh Yes Text by Lars Harmsen, artwork by Julien Martin (Commissioned by the graphic design department of HTWG Konstanz under guidance of Prof. Brian Switzer)