I’m a graphic designer and photographer,
currently studying photography
at the »University Of Applied Science
and Arts« in Dortmund, Germany.

Feel free to
contact me for
any kind of
reasons like
freelance work,
commissions or

+49 151 5220 5589

I worked at design studio »Twopoints.net« in Barcelona and at »Studio Dumbar« in Rotterdam
as an intern. I did an exchange semester at the »Royal Academy Of Art« in Den Haag. I also once
worked at a kaiten sushi restaurant to overcome my addiction to sushi.

To share a secret and
don't tell my parents, but
when I was 8 me and my
russian boys gang secretly
smoked cigarettes in
the woods for some months.
As you can see I completed
unreasonable stuff at a
very early stage of my life.
Consequently I became
a prudent and reliable
person lately.

Have a look at
what my friends do,
they are awesome:

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The typeface used on the website
is drawn by Twopoints.net and you
can get it here.

(C) Victoria Jung, 2019.
All rights reserved.