fever dream
New Orleans has always been a place of extremes. At least since the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, people here have lived in an environment that is often dilapidated, always threatened, and in many ways defective. Perhaps that's why those who don't fit into the system of America find a home here. Queer travelers who have been through a lot in their young lives. Katrina has created gaps that offer shelter. Fueled by the warm spirit of the local population, a group of unique young people was able to flourish. A rebellious and unruly subculture has emerged, cobbling together its own enchanting cosmos of the here and now, where the lights are as bright as the shadows are dark.
This page is teaser, because I'm still in the process of working on the output in book form and exhibitions. If you are curious, please email me and I will send you a link with a picture edit, book pdf, exhibition views and more information.

The book

I just finished a book dummy version and pre-edition and it's now shortlisted for the dummy award '24. You can watch a book trailer they made on youtube here. It was also shorlisted for the Athens Photo Festival Dummy Award.

Right now I'm figuring out how to get it out (with a publisher or self-published) and also how many copies. But you can write me if you're interested and I'll put you on my list and let you know when there's news on how to get a copy.


— Solo exhibition at FREELENS Galerie, Hamburg 11.04.-27.06.2024
— Solo exhibition at Institut français, Mainz 05.04.-16.05.2024
— Solo exhibition at queer book store Eisenherz, Berlin 02.02.-29.02.2024
— Group exhibition with Emerging Artists V at uzwei Dortmunder U 20.10.2023—28.01.2024
— Shown at photo festival Encontros da Imagem, Braga Portugal 15.09.—28.10.2023
— Screened at Night of Photography, Warsaw Poland 18.08.2023
— Screened at Les Recontres de la Photographie at the »Night Of The Year«, Arles France 08.07.2023
— Solo exhibition in Berlin 17.05.—07.06.2023 at Bark Berlin Gallery

Grants and participations

— 10th annual New York Portfolio Review 2023
— 2nd place at PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant 2022
— 2nd place at Emergentes – International Photography Award Encontros Da Imagem 2022
— Nikon-NOOR Advanced Storytelling Workshop 2022 in Düsseldorf
DFA Portfolio Walk in Hamburg, Deichtorhallen in December 2022
— Project funding 2021 by Stiftung Kulturwerk of VG Bildkunst Germany
Hamburg Portfolio Review 2021

Exhibition views
Views of the solo exhibition at Bark Berlin Gallery, May 2023
Views of the Emerging Artists V exhibition at uzwei Dortmunder U, October 2023
Views of the solo exhibition at Institut français Mainz, April 2024
Views of the exhibition at FREELENS Galerie Hamburg, April 2024
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