Bitch I'm drowning
A project about trap music culture at Lake Constance, Germany.

Constance is a city marked by a landscape of mountains and a rural idyll. Therefore, the cultural offer is rather addressed to solvent pensioners. However or maybe because of that, a foreign music scene has developed. The adolescents of the tiny subculture seek adventure in the form of »Trap«. Although this music genre is a subtype of hip hop, its visual language is taken from the punk- and metal aesthetics. At their self-organised parties you can find uncontrolled pogo as well as offensive tight dancing. While searching for identity, big city vibes of US idols collide with ruffle curtains of local tennis clubs.
With my photoessay »Bitch I’m drowning« I document a theater stage full of contrasty performances with actors and actresses operating powerful and fragile at the same time. My focus is on capturing the spectacle of ecstasy clashing with melancholy staged in a rural surrounding where the participants try to simulate a metropolitan life style. Starting with just being a party photographer I later began to seek purposefully for moments and frames expressing the uniqueness of this certain scene. I became part of it myself, still retaining my observing point of view.

The printed publication I made with these photos you can find here.

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