Victoria Jung, 1991, works as a documentary and portrait photographer. She holds two Bachelor degrees in communication design and photography. Currently, she is completing her Masters in photography in Dortmund.

Since 2019, she has been photographing in the journalistic field for numerous magazines and newspapers such as Spiegel, Die Zeit, Zeit Magazin, Stern, FAZ, Quarterly, Geo, Capital, Deutsche Bahn Mobil, Das Magazin (Swiss Tamedia), Philosophie Magazin, 11 Freunde, fluter, dummy Verlag, Tagesspiegel and Psychologie heute. In the print edition of the German nationwide newspaper Die Zeit she photographed her own weekly portrait column between 2019 and 2022.

Her personal projects deal with social characteristics in subcultures - with a focus on the interaction of the protagonists with their local environment. Her interest lies in the human quest to belong to a community as a crucial part of life. She loves collaborations and expanding her base of documentary photography with other forms of artistic expression.
Based in West Germany — between Cologne, Dortmund and Mainz/Frankfurt.

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